We identify the right strategies for your purpose and create communication plans on major social networks, which allow you to reach your users. We create targeted advertising campaigns to make specific emergence of target users. We build tailored strategy, so as not to waste any resources. Unearthed users interested in you and your product, we put ourselves in a position to tell you the best.

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Times change, and we change with them.

Imagine that you have a small musical band and wanting to promote it only on the premise that interest you, to the people who love your music genre and a specific age group. Today with Facebook you.

The technology and the renewal rate are profoundly changing the buying behavior and consumption of millions of people. Economic resources that companies devote to communication and promotion, more than once today, can not be wasted: we can not allow them to be held for traditional advertising, now obsolete and no longer effective as before.

41% of the Italian population has a Smartphone or Tablet and more than 92% use it regularly to search for information about products or services. (This also happens in Mugello).

We specialize in social advertising strategies and corporate branding. In short words?

Social Media is a communication tool, not a fad.

We create logos with a strong visual impact, able to authentically represent your business. We push ourselves to know your future customers and their preferences to use a common language, easy to understand and empathize. Communication is made up of words, of language but also of style, graphics and color, which to be effective must follow precise rules of balance and adequacy.