Tips To Consider While Shifting From Rigid To Flexible Packaging

In several different businesses, there is a packaging change taking place. Nearly all companies are changing from rigid containers and bundles to flexible packagings such as pouches and bags.

Such a change impacts not only the firm doing the packaging, but the whole packaging industry itself, as this type of change means new procedures of packaging products, new machines and new processes. In a few years, the number of flexible packaging companies has increased substantially.

The change to flexible packaging shoots from several different advantages provided by bags, pouches and other flexible containers. For customized packages, items like pouches make unique shapes and size much easier to manufacture and replicate with consistency.

Additionally, where rigid containers normally have a little area or a branded area for photographs, logos, details or decoration, pouches and other flexible packages permit the freedom to use the whole container for the identical function, generally giving packagers more creative freedom.

However, for those now using rigid containers, the move to flexible packaging may mean doing far more than just switching containers. Packaging machines constructed for stiff bottles and other container types might not allow for a simple switch to clear stand up pouches or bags.

At the minimum, some modification may be necessary, and at worst, a totally new packaging line may be required. For those using machines for lower production runs, semi-automatic equipment might be easier modified than automatic packaging systems.

The key to changing such machines for flexible packaging will normally lie in stabilizing and positioning the package and, sometimes, opening it to the addition of the product.

The best course of action to take when considering a switch from rigid to flexible packaging is to add your packaging machines manufacturer in the outset. With many options available for flexible packaging, the manufacturers can offer insight concerning the required modifications which are necessary for each and every package thought.

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