How To Take Care Of Your Granite Countertops

Although granite is one of the strongest and most durable choices in the market when it comes to countertops they still require proper maintenance to keep them looking shiny and beautiful. Granite occurs naturally in the earth so before making it into countertops, it is cut,  polished, and sealed. 

There are many natural stone stores like New York Marble, where you can find these natural stone countertops in different colors and patterns that vary from stone to stone. In fact, visiting your local granite suppliers can be beneficial as you can hire the stone countertop installers from them. 

When you have spent much time on choosing the perfect product, it’s important to hire granite countertop installers. Their installers will also give you tips for cleaning granite countertops and keep it looking beautiful for years. Have a look at the following tips to get started:

It is good to ask your granite installer to give you a sample of the cleaner. Then you can test it on a small area of your countertop. It’s best to use products that are designed specifically for cleaning granite countertops.

Acid is one of the few substances that can damage granite, so you should try to avoid it at all costs, especially citrus and vinegar cleansers. Use a non-acidic gentle cleanser mixed with water for daily care. 

If you spill substances like coffee, fruit juices, and wine, make sure you mop it up quickly with a damp sponge or paper towel. These substances are acidic and can stain the surface. 

Use a soft towel to wipe off the countertop. Although granite is one of the toughest substances available, you should still take care of and avoid harsh scrubbing sponges.

When your granite countertops have large scratches, call a professional instead of using a repair kit yourself.

Do not put hot utensils over the countertop directly. Your countertop can suffer a thermal shock or crack so make sure you use a coaster to put underneath them. 

You can visit this link to know more ideas on caring your granite countertops. Also, keep the above in mind to help your granite countertops looking shiny and beautiful for years.