How To Pick The Apt Portable Battery Charger For Smartphone?

In today’s era, we can do a lot of things on our smartphones due to the advancement in technology and because it can work as a mini computer. But due to an array of such applications the smartphone’s battery usually gets drained only after a while. So to solve this issue people seek to purchase a portable battery charger for their mobile phones.

These gadgets are loaded with electrical energy which can power the smartphones anywhere and anytime, which makes outdoor activities and travel more flexible and more expedient. However, it is essential to do full research before buying the gadget.

Now one of the factors that can help you to a great extent in determining the efficiency of the charger is its battery. There are two types of battery cores in the portable external mobile phone battery charger market: lithium polymer battery and 18650 lithium battery.

  • SAFETY AND CAPACITY – The lithium polymer battery is packed with aluminum-plastic; it’s light in weight and is always used in high-end electronics, such as the ultrathin power bank, cell phone battery. The safety performance is better, and the storage capacity is larger than the lithium battery, but the price is higher too.

    The 18650 battery core is cylindroid; 18650 means that the diameter is 18mm, and the length is 65mm. Because of the fixed shape, the power bank with 18650 lithium battery is thicker. Nowadays, the technology of lithium battery has become mature, so the safety performance is good too.

  • DRAIN BATTERY – One key consideration is that the power output of the charger must be greater than or equal to the battery rating of your electronic device. The wrong charger can actually drain your device’s battery instead of charging it.