Car Rental – A Small Guide To Find Out About Lawfully Driving In Spain

Spain is a dream place, where almost every person wants to visit once in their lifetime. Maybe this is the reason why, people visit here and rent cars as a means of transport during their break; and it’s easy to see why when much of Spain is bucolic and disengaged from public transport like metro lines and trams.

The major point to consider here is that renting and driving a car in another country can be a very intimidating thought for some, but indeed shouldn’t be, after all, the larger part of Spanish roads are in very good condition and are all flagged very well to help tourists find their destination easily.

Still, it is highly suggested to contact as they can help you not just in getting the right car on rent, but will make you aware of all the legal laws and flaws of staying and moving in Spain.

For your consideration, here are few very important requirements that need to bear in mind while renting a car:


  • Lawfully the correct driving age in Spain is 18, but at the time of renting a car in Spain, you can’t be less than 22 years of age (25 for specific cars).
  • That doesn’t mean that people under the age of 22 cannot rent a car, as opposing to prevalent belief it is not illegal for someone under 22 to rent a car in Spain.

Documentations Required

  • ID Proof (usually passport is asked for)
  • A complete and valid driving license (with a paper counterpart)

Documentations required for driving your own vehicle

  • V5C Certificate as proof of ownership.
  • Proof of insurance, if not then you will have to apply for car insurance Spain.

Equipment Required

According to the Spanish law states, you must keep specific equipment in your car, if you are stopped by the police and fail to show up the following items, be prepared for hefty on-the-spot fine:

  • A warning triangle
  • Headlamp beam deflectors
  • Reflective jackets

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