A Brief Guide To SMS Marketing For Car Dealerships

There are tons of ways to market your business and services; it is totally up to you that what sort of techniques you find more lucrative to promote them.

With the availability of various digital marketing methods, text messaging was somewhere left back.

But, it is never too late to try old tricks.

Hope you remember when mobile phones were new on the market; text messaging was preferred the most because it was the only alternative to inform the contact person directly without letting any third person involved.

For sure you must be thinking that in what manner it can prove to be lucrative in automobile dealerships?


Well, auto dealership text messaging can do wonders, many have tried and they have got successful results from it.

The automotive retail industry is ideal for using text messaging as a way of communicating with their respective customers individually. This will build a prospect client base for an automotive dealership.

In general, dealers tend to hold an elevated proportion of mobile numbers on their databases but the latent of the mobile phone as a channel for the message is often goes unnoticed.

Dealer Benefits:

Attain superior response rates – Text messaging is five times more receptive than direct mail marketing. It offers the ease of automatic and custom payment requests, these days.

For example, You must have seen computer generated text messages in which hyperlinks are also attached so that receivers can access them easily. All these messages are either about some query, news, any reminders or payment reminders by the banks and dealers.


• Dramatically reduce phone bills – While sending a text message to the customers, believe it or not, it is up to 95% cheaper than a call done via mobile.

• It saves time and hassle of calling again and again.

• Creates huge impact and aids in building customer loyalty.

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• Zero entry costs for SMS Service.