Low Cost Marketing On the web and On social media! Websites, graphics, printing in Mugello!

Choose the audience to tell what you sell.

Promote your business through the web and social media.

Social media Marketing

Choose the right tools to communicate and start.

Low Cost Marketing

Here’s how we do it.

In Mugello, a territory in the province of Florence which has about 85,000 inhabitants, 18,000 Facebook users are distributed in an age range between 16 and 65+ years. So, Low Cost Marketing can be a business saver for all the small businesses.

Imagine selling fashion shoes for women and want to advertise your business better: you’ll want to reach women, including in the age group 18-35 years, residing in the neighboring province to the point of sale. This precision ensures a strategy of social marketing, which is now the most effective way to do business without wasting energy and money. Today, communication through new tools because the way of relating has changed and each of us, it can be said, is present on social networks, it receives the notifications, it is said about them and select each day of interest to content. In this way that loom as user characteristics, we are able to identify our potential clients.